Safety Resources

If a fire ignites, you should get out if you can. But because fire can spread so fast, you may not have much time to act. Take these safety steps today and you’ll sleep easier behind that bedroom door tonight.


Close Your Door

We’ve said it and we’ve sung it and we’ll say it again: closing the door could buy time and even save your life in a fire. What else? We’re so glad you asked!
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Check Your Smoke Alarms

You know you need smoke alarms, but do you know where to put them or how to test them? Get the facts.

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Make an Escape Plan

Every family needs a fire escape plan. Make yours with the help of this how-to handout.

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Create a Safety Checklist

From installing carbon monoxide alarms to inspecting your electrical cords, there’s a lot to keep in check. This list makes it easy.


Don’t Wait, Check the Date

Smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years. Find out if it’s time to replace yours.


Get Safety Smart

There’s still so much to learn! Be ready to make smarter, safer decisions in every situation. Do your part, be Safety Smart.

Join the Closed Door Crew

2,027 people have pledged to close their bedroom door. Will you?