San Francisco Fire Department Highlights CBYD During Local Safety Awareness Events

The San Francisco Fire Department’s enhanced Fire Prevention and Education Team has a mission of promoting fire safety through community outreach and education. Every year, they increase their efforts to bring citizens and local first responders together to help reduce the number of residential fires. During the Spring of 2019, the department held several community events where they took the opportunity to incorporate the Close Before You Doze message into their fire safety materials and activities.

During the Family Health & Safety Resource Fair – Launch Event for “Sound the Alarm”, residents were invited to attend, receive a free smoke alarm, fire safety information, and the opportunity to connect with local organizations and first responders.

Due to the fact that California is subject to a tsunami at any time, the San Francisco Fire Department has made tsunami preparedness a top priority for their community education team. During Tsunami Preparedness Week, firefighters walked the Tsunami Routes in San Francisco in partnership with the Department of Emergency Management to hand out safety information and remind residents on how to prepare for such events. While on these routes, firefighters took the opportunity to also share important fire safety messaging including #CloseBeforeYouDoze. CBYD informational door hangers were left on the door handle if residents were not home.

Just a few weeks later, while commemorating the 113th anniversary of the Great Earthquake and fire of 1906, the department held a Disaster Preparedness Safety Fair and Mobile Command Rally. Among teaching Hands Only CPR and handing out free smoke alarms, the department added the important life-saving tip of #CloseBeforeYouDoze. Event attendees were given CBYD outreach materials to take home and share with their families.

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