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With the modern fire environment allowing fire to spread much quicker than years ago, it's more important than ever for the first responder community to get this important message out. After all, an educated community is a safer community.

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About FSRI

Advancing fire safety science

As part the nonprofit organization, UL's Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) collaborates with the global fire service to generate and share life-saving fire safety science knowledge and develops cutting edge, practical education aimed at helping first responders and the communities they serve stay safe by more effectively protecting people and property.

Guided by a global advisory board comprised of fire service personnel, FSRI conducts research on residential, commercial and industrial fires through full-scale experiments, field-testing and predictive modeling to replicate actual fires faced by firefighters. Research results are shared through interactive training courses for first responders and public safety education materials that have reached millions of people globally.

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About Our Public Safety Education Advisory Group

The FSRI Public Safety Education Advisory Group (PSEAG) is comprised of members of the fire service, fire safety educators and community risk reduction experts. It serves to provide guidance on the development and execution of FSRI programs and campaigns to educate the general public about fire safety and drive awareness of preventative measures that can help save lives. PSEAG members provide the invaluable perspective of firefighters and educators, both from what they’ve learned on the job and while conducting their own fire safety education and training activities.


UL's Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) strives to advance fire safety knowledge and strategies in order to create safer environments. Using advanced fire science, rigorous research, extensive outreach and education in collaboration with an international network of partners, the organization imparts stakeholders with knowledge, tools, and resources that enable them to make better, more fire safe decisions that ultimately save lives and property. To learn more, visit Follow Fire Safety Research Institute on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.